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Uploading Photos

Adding photographs to your property is a crucial part in presentation to holiday makers, we have not set a limit on how many you use, but we suggest using images relevant to your property description.

Before you can upload images to your property page, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Determine the file size of your photographs.
  • Resize your photographs if they are above 1MB in file size.
  • Make sure they are in JPG format

Once you have determined the size of your photographs and resized them where necessary you can proceed and upload your photographs to your property page.

Alternatively if you decide not to upload photographs, you can send us your images by email or post them to us instead.

Determine the file size of your photographs.

Any one of the images you wish to upload must not exceed 1 MegaByte in file size. You must determine the file size of your photographs before you upload them. If your images exceed 1.0 Megabyte you will need to resize them before uploading them to your property page.

Firstly, here is how to check the file size:

Determining file size For PC users: In Microsoft Windows XP

Right click on the image file and then Left click on Properties. This should display a window containing various details, one of which will be Size: This should not exceed 1.0 MegaBytes

File information window in Windows XP

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Determining file size For Mac users: In Mac OS X

Ctrl Click on the image file, then Click on Get Info. At the top of the Get Info dialogue, under General you will be able to see Size:

This should not exceed 1.0 MB.

File information window in mac OS X

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Resizing your photographs.

If your pictures are bigger than 1.0 MegaByte, you will need to resize them before you can use them on your property page. If you are not aware of how to resize images, you can follow the instructions below.

Many digital cameras come with their own software for resizing images, unfortunately we cannot document every single third party piece of software that is available – So we have documented a method which we feel works consistently across all digital cameras and images.

If you feel that the method below is incorrect or was not helpful to you, then feel free to give us feedback and help us make our help section better for everyone.

Resizing images: For PC users: In Microsoft Windows XP

Resizing images: For Mac users: In OS X

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Uploading images to your property page

To upload images to your property page on Owners Apartments, Login to your account dashboard from the home page.

Underneath your property title you will see four buttons: Edit Details, Edit Prices, Edit Photos and Edit Availability. Click on Edit Photos

Account dashboard adding photos

Next to the Photo 1 title, click on the Browse button.

Select the first image that you wish to upload from your computer.

Repeat this step for Photo 2 and select the second image that you wish to upload.

Now click on Upload photos and wait until your computer has uploaded the images to our website.

It is important that you do not navigate away from the page while images are uploading. Doing so will break your connection to the website and the images will not be uploaded.

Account dashboard uploading photos

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Internet Connection Speeds

The amount of time that you must wait depends on how fast your internet connection is and how large your images are. As a rough guide, with broadband internet, uploading 1MegaByte will take around 40 seconds. On dialup modems 1MegaByte will take roughly 5 Minutes. So if you are uploading two images around 1MegaByte in size – on broadband you will need to wait for 2 minutes / on dialup you will need to wait nearly 10 minutes.

When the images have finished uploading, you will be prompted to add Description text for each of your images. This is the text that will be displayed with the images when someone is viewing your property page.

After entering these details, remember to click on Save photo details

Saving your photo descriptions

You can repeat this process to add more photos at any point. There is no limit on how many you photographs you can upload, but we suggest you make the photographs relevant to your property description.

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Inappropriate images

Any photograph uploaded which Owners Apartments Rentals LTD feels is inappropriate will be removed from your property page before it is allowed to go live on the website. Inappropriate photographs include:

  • Copyright protected images
  • Nudity or sexually explicit images

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Sending us your photos via email or post

If you are having problems with uploading photos to our site, we would like to hear about your problems so we can help. Please consider sending us some feedback

If you would prefer not to resize your images or upload them via our website – we can do it for you. You can either email them to us or post prints to us.

When sending photographs to us, please be sure to include the following details:

  • Your username
  • Your property id number
  • Descriptions for each image you send

Email photos to:

Post prints to: 36 Church Stile, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL16 1QE

Please note that if you require your photographs to be returned, you will need to enclose a self addressed envelope with postage paid.

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