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Resizing images For PC users

We advise that you consider downloading a piece of software by Microsoft, called Image Resizer from the Microsoft Windows XP Power Toys Website

Legal Note

Although Image Resizer for Microsoft Windows XP is a genuine Microsoft piece of software, Owners Apartments Rentals LTD can take no responsibility for this application, and or any damage done to your computer by installing and using this piece of software.

After installing this piece of software, Image Resizer can be used at any time by right clicking on any image file on your computer and left clicking on Resize Pictures.

Image resizer menu on Windows XP

A new window titled Resize Pictures will appear, with the following options available:

Select a size:

  • Small (fits a 640×480 screen)
  • Medium (fits a 800×600 screen)
  • Large (fits a 1024×768 screen)
  • Handheld PC (fits a 240×320 screen)

Select Large from the list and click on OK.

Image resizer window on Windows XP

An image with the same name but followed with (Large) will appear in the same folder as the original image. You must repeat this process with all the images you wish to upload that are above 1.0 MegaBytes before you continue.

Resized image on Windows XP

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