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Property Pricing


Select the currency you wish to display your prices in. We currently allow you to select between Pound Sterling (GBP), Euros (EUR) and United States Dollars (USD).

Description and Price per week.

For fair comparison of pricing we ask that you only supply weekly rates.

If you wish to specify nightly or long term rates, please do so in the Price description field.

Enter a description for the period you wish to apply a price to.


December 1st to January 10th


Christmas & New Year


November, December and January

Then enter an amount, with no decimals.

Pricing table in property admin

Pricing Description

We suggest you supply a Price description. This can be used to explain your booking terms, details of changeover days, cost of extra items such as linen and cleaning etc.

Pricing description in property admin

Entering no pricing details

If you wish to be contacted for pricing and terms you can leave all of the pricing details blank. The website will default to say “Price on request”

We advise that you do provide pricing details for your property, as users of the Owners Apartments website may search by price range. If you do not supply pricing details, you will appear at the bottom of these search results.

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